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"Dr. Maurice is my life-saver! I was diagnosed with Personage Turner Syndrome which basically is a brachial plexus neuropathy resulting in a deformity of my shoulder blade (I look like a bird with a broken wing!). The spasms and pain were so intense that I could not sleep without meds and even then only on my back. I had been thru physical therapy and was doing daily exercises including yoga and swimming, but they were not enough. After my first treatment with Dr. Maurice, the spasms eased enough that I was able to sleep better. Within two weeks, two treatments per week, my pain level was dramatically reduced to the point that I stopped all meds. I still need to do my exercises every day, but overall I am getting stronger and functioning better. I highly recommend Dr. Maurice as a very compassionate and concerned care-giver. I have been blessed to have connected with him and his healing powers."

Kathy Kuniej-Cooper

"After running for most of my life including a couple marathons, I developed chronic calf pain and was unsuccessful at self treating for months. As a division I athlete, I was exposed to multiple therapies and treatment techniques, but never ART. After only 2 sessions with Dr. Daoud, I was back to 100% of my normal abilities. I can’t be thankful enough and highly recommend Dr. Daoud to serious runners and athletes alike."

Mitch Garrett | June 30, 2015 

"Maurice has worked hard every time I have seen him to address my neck pains. He hasn’t signed me up for endless sessions – in fact, he has given me exercises that I have to do at home, and has now got me to the point where I only need maintenance. He is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable chiropractor that I thoroughly recommend."

John Groom | February 5, 2013

"I have been power lifting for the past 4 years and have suffered from constant chronic lower back pain for more than 18 months. I have been to an array of physical therapists that have tried stretching, electric stimulation, cryotherapy, the works but nothing has been as successful as ART therapy with Maurice Daoud. Just as soon as the first session was over, I felt immediate relief. I was in complete shock that I made a follow up appointment within the same week. Three appointments later (within a month) I have absolutely NO back pain before, during and after my lifts. I believe so much in his knowledge and practice, I have brought my mother, who suffers from joint and muscle pain all over her body to get treated twice a week with him. If you want to increase your mobility, become more flexible and pain free, I highly recommend getting treating with Maurice."

Natalia M. | Competitive Power Lifter

"About 6 months ago, I injured my lower back from sparring with a boxer limiting me from future training and competition.  I sought treatment with a chiropractor and received massage therapy and spinal adjustments.  I felt improvement but I continued to feel pain during training.  After hearing positive things about ART treatment from the other boxers who were being treated by Dr. Daoud, I decided to try him out.  Dr. Daoud was able to specifically localize the problem and treat it with ART and Kinesiotaping.  I felt instant relief after the first treatment and the pain is so minimal at this point that I do not feel it while I am training.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from pain and injuries."

Laura S. | Amateur Female Boxer

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